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The Magic of Marketing – An Iconic Dress Range was Born

I once heard Kelly Baker-Jamieson speak and she told the story of her business Edible Blooms being successful in Adelaide, but she struggled on how to break into the national market. She travelled to Sydney CBD, dressed in a strawberry fruit costume and handed out flyers promoting her business. Shortly after this, her business appeared in all states and is now a household name.

Behind the Curtain

My take away from this key note speak, was; “how does a bookkeeper get noticed?” I took this question to good old’ social media and I posted this question? I had various answers come back...

  • I think you should dress up as an expander file as you keep people organized
  • I think you should dress up as a calculator as you work with numbers
  • I think you should dress up in a dress made entirely of $100 notes as you save people time and this saves them money.

Now it's Your Turn